New Italian restaurant in Locks Heath

A new Italian restaurant has opened in Locks Heath shopping centre.

Franco and Paolo open a new Italian restaurant in Locks Heath

Franco & Paolo’s opened its doors to diners last night at the new restaurant in Centre Way and today (October 26) will be open for lunch sittings too.

The Italian-born co-owners Franco Ardani, who lives in Locks Heath, and Paolo Cerasuolo, from Bitterne, have brought a flavour of their native land to the centre.

The friends, who have worked in the catering industry for 25 years, co-own the family-run business and will be officially launching an open night on November 12 – with hopes of a surprise local celebrity guest.


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One Response to New Italian restaurant in Locks Heath

  1. Stevie

    October 26, 2012 at 6:52 am

    Local celebrity? That’ll be Sean Woodward then?