Falkland Islands cricketers take on Locks Heath

Getting competitive cricket fixtures can be tough when you are on the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

Locks Heath v Falkland Islands cricket match

The Falkland Islands wicket keeper collects a throw during the Locks Heath innings

So when a number of members of the Falkland Islands Cricket Club were in the UK this summer they decided it would be a good opportunity for a couple of matches.

And tapping up old friends – some members of the Falklands team had originally been from Locks Heath and Warsash – brought the Falkland Islands team to play Locks Heath at the weekend.

Locks Heath Cricket Club Secretary Dan Williamson said: “They contacted us because some of them were from the area originally. It seems they liked the look of our club, that we are a community club, and asked us if they could come and play.

“It is great that they chose us out of all the clubs in this area.”

The Falkland Islands cricket team at Locks Heath

Falkland Islands captain Martin Collins said the team didn’t get as much chance to play competitive fixtures as they would like, but they had regular games against the military and against themselves.

“This was an opportunity for us to have some competitive fixtures against teams that would be better than us but against which we could test ourselves,” he said.

Locks Heath scored 279-6 in their 40 overs while the Falkland Islands were bowled out for 112.

The end of season dinner after the match raised more than £300 through the raffle which will be used to put some of the coaches of the colts team through their coaching badges.

“We all had a really great day and evening,” added Dan Williamson.

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