Valentine’s Day date for Pompey

By Martin Rowe

The High Court hearing to decide the future of Portsmouth Football Club has been adjourned for a third time and will now be heard on Valentine’s Day – February 14.

The original hearing was meant to take place in December but was adjourned to January 15 before being pushed back again and was due to be held today (January 31).

But now the hearing has been moved back a further two weeks.

Administrators PKF dealing with the sale of the club have agreed the sale to Pompey Suppoprters’ Trust but only on the condition they buy Fratton Park from former owner Balram Chainrai.

PKF have also confirmed the administration has been extended until August 17.

Trust chairman Ashley Brown said: “We particularly welcome the recognition that Supporters’ Trusts should be at the heart of any licensing and monitoring framework and also that the issue of making it more straightforward for fans to buy a stake in their clubs.

“Pompey fans have been hugely generous, potentially raising more than £3m to buy our club.

“However, the hurdles we have faced as a Trust, some put in front of us by the world of football itself, have contributed to the fact we have still to get our bid over the line, although we remain confident we will do so.”

The offer made to Balram Chainrai stood at around £2.75m, this was rejected because he values Fratton Park at around £9m

Portsmouth, who have been in administration since February 2012, have seen their debts climb to more than £61m.

This comes as the side lie in 23rd place in League One and face relegation for a second successive season and are still facing the prospect of a 10-point deduction.


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